This superhero game centers around an accident in Denver (in-group joke) that causes the rise of people in the surrounding area changing. For most people the change was so minor that it did not impact their lives (i.e. hair changing colors, always can draw the 6 of diamonds from any deck, glowing fingernails, etc.). For others the change was so dramatic that they could not survive (i.e burst into flames, turns into helium, becomes 100x more massive, etc.). For the most select few they were changed in ways that made them gods.

The government immediately quarantined the Greater Denver Area with regular military forces while the Colorado National Guard undertook the job to maintain order in the streets. When the local street gang was now led by a guy that could shoot flames from his hands the regular police were not able to handle the situation.

The PCs are those that have for the most part benign powers and retained their sanity - something that could not be said for all of those gifted. In keeping with the nature of the game powers are randomly rolled up around a central theme. So, if you got Kinetic Powers as your theme then an ranged attack could be giving nearby objects kinetic energy and a vector.

Unlike some of my other games this universe is set to a very fixed timetable. That is not to say that the players are marching to my tune, but instead that there is a complicated tree already built up of major events that may happen. That means that there are several fixed endings as well, not all of them happy or even remotely positive.

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